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Durable Material Handling and Warehouse Storage Solutions

Custom Plastic Storage and Handling Solutions

Increase warehousing operation efficiency with custom solutions for storage and product handling. Wave-Core™ is durable, food-grade, chemical-resistant HDPE corrugated plastic that we can fabricate into custom-sized bins and boxes. You’ll achieve more production cycles, less waste, and higher output when it replaces standard cardboard.

Increased Efficiency In Closed-Loop Systems

Use Wave-Core™ to optimize every inch of warehouse space. We design custom bins to meet your storage and packing needs. With our design and die-cutting capabilities, we can develop the best fit, collapsible solutions for better organization and storage, adding efficiencies to your closed-loop system.

  • Storage bins cut to exact dimensions
  • A fluted core provides structural strength for stacking
  • Custom cut sheets for better support and configuring racking systems
  • Color-coded bins for staging and organization
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Wave-Core™ increases turns 8,000% for large food manufacturer’s closed-loop system.


A multinational food manufacturer’s paper boxes were causing jams and shutdowns during production. They needed a more durable, reusable solution that could withstand the moisture-rich factory environment and endure 50 cycle turns, automated machines and flat storage.


With Wave-Core™, our HDPE corrugated material, Liberty Plastics, Inc. designed a solution meeting all the food manufacturer’s needs, without glues or staples, that achieved 80+ turns, resulting in on-time production and noticeable cost savings over time. Read More >

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Save Costs With Durable, Protective And Reusable Containers

Wave-Core™ will never let down the line. Reusable bins made from our HDPE corrugated plastic are the most durable option and offer the best long-term cost efficiencies.

It is as lightweight as cardboard yet many times stronger, enduring cycle after cycle on pick-and-place systems. It resists tears and punctures even with the most rugged handling, and it won’t bottom out like cardboard, so disruptions such as machine jams and work stoppages are not a worry.

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