Stacking Containers


Easily organize and store heavy weight products with our stacking containers. Commonly used in warehouses and is constructed of durable HDPE, corrugated plastic.

These reusable stacking containers feature locking side tabs that help keep containers in place when stacked. They can be customized to include handles, lids, wire, and welds for additional reinforcement and protection.

Our custom stacking containers are lightweight, waterproof, perform well in extreme cold temperatures, and will not crack or break.

Designed with no glue or staples so that it is 100% recyclable.

Custom Sizes & Color Options
We provide custom fabrication and assembly services so these containers can ship flat or pre-assembled. Custom orders, colors and printing available with minimum quantities, contact us for more information. 


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Customization is our specialty!

  • Customization
    We can customize our extrusion to fit your needs.
  • Printing
    We can print or help source printing.