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FDA Compliant Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

FDA Compliant Plastics for Food & Beverage Handling & Transportation

Reduce waste by swapping single-use cardboard with durable, FDA-compliant, corrugated plastic. Turn to Liberty Plastics to design and manufacture reusable food-safe boxes, bins, and slip sheets from Wave-Core. Our rugged HPDE corrugated plastic resists water and is tough enough to get knocked around on a conveyor line or take a fall from a pallet stack.

Our custom solutions from fail-safe material will help you overcome the limitations of cardboard and improve handling, storage and distribution.

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Plastic Solutions For Closed Loop Systems

Keeping the line moving in a closed-loop system calls for rugged containers that last thousands of cycles without crushing, tearing, cracking, or puncturing and continue to hold up after getting wet. Wave-Core™ bins and boxes are made from impact-resistant HDPE plastic that we can custom design to accommodate your exact dimensions and specifications.

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Wave-Core™ Increases Turns 8,000% For Large Food Manufacturer’s Closed-Loop System.


The combination of paper boxes and a humid environment was causing headaches for a food manufacturer, as the failing boxes would cause the machines to jam, which halted production. This called for a more durable container that could take the moisture.


When our customized Wave-Core™ bins took the place of cardboard, the food manufacturer saw immediate improvements: fewer stoppages and an increase in on-time production. Not only that, but they achieved more than 80 turns.

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Safe Distribution And Transportation

Single-use containers can easily break apart during shipment, causing spills and messes, contaminating and damaging other cardboard containers nearby. But reusable bins, boxes, and slip sheets fabricated by Wave-Core™ offer superior protection for shipping and transporting food and beverage. Corrugated HDPE withstands weather and impact to keep all contents contained. Slip sheets can be customized with a non-skid coating to ensure secure stacks.

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