Questions to ask when choosing storage bins and containers

DATE: 01.31.2024

Questions to ask when choosing storage bins and containers

Outdoor storage containers and bins are essential for keeping worksites organized, tidy and efficient. Corrugated plastic is ideal because it’s both lightweight and protective against rain, wind and snow.

But your choice of plastic is critical. That’s why at Liberty Plastic, we produce Wave-Core™ entirely from HDPE plastic. HDPE is known for its rugged properties, so your containers resist cracks and breakage better than other plastics. By using Wave-Core for your storage solutions, your worksite will have more reliable containers, which will keep your operational costs under control. While we offer off-the shelf bins and waste containers, we can also fabricate containers that are completely customized for your specific needs.

Custom outdoor storage solutions: How to choose

At Liberty Plastics, one of our core values is caring. That is evident in our process to create exactly what you need to help you achieve greater operational efficiency. For that reason, we begin with a comprehensive information-gathering process. To help you prepare, consider these questions and how Wave-Core can be customized to meet your outdoor storage needs

What's the load bearing capacity?

You'll want bins that are strong enough to take the load. We can adjust the strength and rigidity of Wave-Core to make it more impact resistant, so it can survive everything from rough handling to a hailstorm. For high-mass items, we can include reinforcing wire that enhances strength while also keeping the container’s lightweight properties.

What's the expected outdoor climate?

Wind, frost cycles and moisture can wreak havoc on your storage system. HDPE does come with exceptional resistance to frost cycles and high heat. But Wave-Core can be customized to further protect your gear and materials from these hazards. Lid fasteners provide enhanced security for windy days.. For a truly weatherproof option, we have resins that are formulated for UV resistance.

What dimensions are needed?

Wave-Core can be die-cut into virtually any dimension you need to contain your stuff. We can also produce shelving and divider inserts to create custom sized compartments. For safe stacking, our anti-skid coating is also an option.

Include branding, messaging or custom colors?

We're equipped to print or emboss letters and images right onto the surface of Wave-Core. In addition, our production facilities can make the resins into virtually any color. Whether you want to showcase your brand, provide an instruction, or simply make it easier for your people to organize the workday, we can achieve the right look.

Any bulk or large materials?

Wave-Core can be formulated to flex and roll, enabling you to wrap and protect bulk materials that have to be stored outside, including spools of cable, stacks of lumber or pallets of high-value stone.

HDPE vs other common solutions

Why do we at Liberty Plastics make Wave-Core out of HDPE plastic? First, the dense molecular structure of HDPE lends the material its exceptional impact resistance. It’s simply one of the strongest plastics available. Then, our corrugate features a wave-like core that’s sandwiched between the two sheets of ply, enhancing its structural strength.

In addition to unmatched durability and strength, corrugated HDPE plastic is an excellent choice for outdoor storage containers because of the following properties:
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can be custom die-cut and formulated to meet your requirements
  • Easily recycled and environmentally friendly
For outdoor applications, HDPE trumps other common materials, like wood and metal:
  • Lighter and more portable
  • Resists corrosion and warping
  • Ease of cleaning and sanitization
Thanks to Wave-Core's ability to withstand impact, moisture, weather and chemicals, its resilience makes it one of the most cost-effective materials for outdoor storage.

Let us design your solution

Choosing the right outdoor storage solution can impact your productivity as well as the costs of doing business. At Liberty Plastics, we excel at designing and fabricating storage solutions. We have expertise and experience in the industry, along with an in-house team of skilled designers and die-cutters who can adapt and innovate to meet your specific size and performance requirements. Because it’s made with HDPE corrugated plastic, Wave-Core provides exceptional resilience in outdoor conditions compared to other common materials, including other polymers, wood and metal. Lightweight, long-lasting and completely customizable, Wave-Core containers will keep your people organized and equipped to focus on the job at hand.

Contact Liberty Plastics to learn more about outdoor storage solutions with Wave-Core™.