Corrugated plastic signs: Make a lasting impression with durable, rugged HDPE

DATE: 03.11.2024

Corrugated plastic signs: Make a lasting impression with durable, rugged HDPE

Need a sign? Perhaps an outdoor sign board to boost foot traffic? Double sided yard signs for the upcoming election? Maybe something eye-catching to help people navigate an event, worksite or retail center? 

Whatever your sign has to say, choose your material well. The last thing you want is to lose the power of your message to a flimsy substrate that falls apart prematurely.

For durability and water resistance, corrugated plastic signs are an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.      

Is corrugated plastic good for signs?

Corrugated plastic is an excellent material for signage. It’s rigid and lightweight, which puts it on par with cardboard, making it easy and safe to transport, handle and mount. But unlike paper materials, corrugated plastic signs hold up to the rain and wind and can be wiped clean of mud, dust and splatters.

What are corrugated plastic signs made of?

A  typical corrugated plastic sign is constructed from polypropylene plastic, which is formed from two-ply sheets fastened to a fluted core — an economic option for outdoor and indoor signage.

However, if your signs must withstand demanding conditions — say, they must travel well for cross-country events, are displayed outdoors for months on end or exposed to chemicals — you’ll want to opt for a more durable plastic rather than polypropylene. Otherwise, you’ll pay more with frequent replacements.

To achieve ROI on your corrugated plastic signs, you’ll want to consider the material’s overall resilience and lifespan. That’s where working with Liberty Plastics offers you the best advantage. At Liberty Plastics, we make, print and fabricate our custom corrugated plastic signs using the most rugged and durable material on the market. Wave-Core™, our flagship product, is made entirely of HDPE plastic.

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What’s the advantage of HDPE signs? They’re built to be tough. Unlike polypropylene, HDPE is constructed from densely structured polymer chains. Its dense structure lends HDPE its exceptional strength and durability, making Wave-Core well-suited for custom weatherproof outdoor signs.

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Weather resistance

Did you know that Wave-Core was originally used as roof decking? HDPE boasts a remarkable ability to withstand multiple seasons of rain, frost, ice storms and high heat without splitting or cracking. Plus, we formulate it to enhance its resistance to UV rays making it a great solution for exterior signage in sunny climates.

Resilience to chemicals 

HDPE is resistant to chemicals. When used for signage, it can handle getting splashed and sprayed at work sites and in industrial settings, and its surface can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

Ruggedness and durability

Thanks to HDPE’s resilient properties, Wave-Core offers a supreme toughness that keeps signs      intact and looking new for a lifespan that extends that of polypropylene. Boasting a high tensile strength, HDPE has excellent resistance to forces that cause tears and punctures. When folded, bent or dropped, it leaves no crimped corners or white crazing lines. 

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Corrugated plastics signs can be recycled, but that’s entirely material dependent. Wave-Core is made from HDPE plastic, making it your best bet for achieving your sustainability objectives.. HDPE is 100% recyclable and widely accepted at facilities across the U.S.

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Best uses for Wave-Core signs

Make a positive impression on your customers and create a safe and user-friendly work environment for employees by opting for Wave-Core as your material of choice for your corrugated plastic signs.

Here are some of the top applications for our custom signs:

Double sided yard signs

Political campaigns, real estate and home improvement services.

Outdoor signs for business

Outdoor sign boards and A-frame sandwich signs. 

Retail signs

POP displays, product listings and store departments.

Commercial signs

Work areas, restroom, food preparation and dining.

Warehouse and logistics

Directional signs, location markers and safety warnings.

Construction and development

Project information and promotion, safety warnings.

Events and festivals

Site markers, event information and promotions.

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How to make corrugated plastic signs

At Liberty Plastics, we handle each step of the process in-house at our facility in Baldwyn, Mississippi, from design to fabrication to shipping. Below is an overview of our plastic sign capabilities:

Professional design

Submit your design file and we’ll do the rest. No design? No problem! Collaborate with our in-house graphic designers to craft the right message and look for your custom Wave-Core sign.

Die-cut custom shapes for signs

Our ability to die-cut signs into unique shapes sets us apart from other sign-makers. With our die-cutting capabilities, we can fabricate sheets of Wave-Core to your exact dimensions, from standard 24x36 placards to bespoke panels for a POP display.

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Vibrant colors that endure

For designs with long life, we offer both digital and screen printing, with corona treatment to enhance adhesion of ink.

Quality control

Our in-house team is dedicated to delighting our customers with top-quality products, including custom signs. Allison Floyd, the EHD administrator for Liberty Plastics shares how people bring a personal touch to every project. “I see employees who take pride in what they produce with their own hands, minds and intuition,” she says.

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Let us design your solution

For a message that outlasts harsh conditions, indoors or out, Wave-Core offers freedom from the hassles of breakage, bending and fading for corrugated plastic signs. Whether you’re ready for a quote or exploring your options, we want to hear from you. Contact Liberty Plastics to learn more about flexible solutions with Wave-Core™.