How to fabricate solutions from corrugated plastic

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DATE: 04.26.2023

How to fabricate solutions from corrugated plastic

What is the best method for mass-producing parts and units from HDPE corrugated plastic? If you’re fabricating shapes for folding and assembly into bins, boxes or a display, it calls for a method that achieves speed and precision. The same is true when fabricating parts designed to fit into a larger unit, whether it's a specialized component part, unique shape for signage or custom protective covering.

How does the die-cutting process work?

Steel-rule die cutting is one of the most traditional methods to fabricate custom parts from rigid and flexible materials, including corrugated plastic. Typically, die cutting uses sharpened metal tooling to cut the shape right out of the material.

Die-cutting methods to mass-produce cuts, shapes, perforations and folds are commonly executed by the flat-bed and rotary methods.

  • Rotary die cutting: Uses a custom cylindrical die-cutting tool that's fastened to a press. This method is highly efficient for high-volume projects.

  • Flat-bed die cutting: A hydraulic press "punches" out the shape from the material, making it the ideal method for low-volume projects, working with larger sheets.

Advantages of die-cutting HDPE corrugate

Suited for the flexibility of corrugated plastic: The metal die exerts enough force to make a clean cut, crease, score, perforation or emboss without stretching or tearing the corrugated plastic.

Clean edging: The steel rule combined with the sharp die tooling achieves precise, clean, smooth edges.

Design versatility: The tooling can be completely customized to create virtually any shape and line in corrugated plastic sheeting with die cuts and kiss cuts. Whether the design calls for slats, circles, right angles, perforations or creases, custom die cutting brings it to life.

Precision: The fit of the form is necessary for function and die cutting can reproduce your exact dimensions again and again. Working with a professional to build a die with the correct tolerances and design elements will help you meet the most stringent requirements to get the job done.

Considerations for die-cutting HDPE corrugate

When evaluating die-cut HDPE corrugated plastic for your product, you’ll weigh the value of using this method to achieve your goals with other materials and their fabrication methods. These are some considerations to keep in mind.image about the content in the post.

Lead time and expense: Expense is a major hesitation around the design of a box or customized part. The upfront costs of die-cutting HDPE corrugated plastic are very reasonable, especially compared to other forms of cutting (water jet brick and laser) or the design and fabrication of a custom injection molding.

ROI: The modest upfront expense of a die is more than offset by the ROI of using the die over many production cycles and the overall selection of a durable, reusable material. You will also eliminate the continuous expenses of procuring, storing and disposing of single-use materials. That makes die-cut corrugated plastic a long-term, viable solution for packaging, shipping and many other product needs.

Efficiency: Once your custom die is created for your project, manufacturing can be completed quickly. The production of a steel rule die is weeks, not months, and die cutting is capable of handling high-volume runs. From high-volume parts to large specialized parts, die cutting offers flexibility and manufacturing value to help meet your end use.

From concept to completion with Liberty Plastics

Evaluating corrugates and fabrication methods? Partner with Liberty Plastics and save months of valuable time. Wave-Core is our rugged, protective HDPE corrugate that can be formulated into sheets or rolls to provide the level of durable, lightweight protection your project requires.

In addition to our custom die-cutting and fabrication services to achieve your design, our experienced team handles all the other steps in between to create your solution:
  • Design and prototyping: Our in-house design and prototyping team will work closely with you to finalize a concept that fits all your requirements.

  • Color and printing: Our graphic design capabilities can reproduce your color and logo onto your Wave-Core product to help you achieve a consistent branding experience.

  • Assembly and finishing: We deploy the most rugged and reliable finishing methods for HDPE corrugate, including sonic welding and metal fasteners.

Let us design your solution 

Whether you're ready for a quote or researching your options, we're here to help. Contact us to learn more about die-cut solutions with Wave-Core