6 Ways to Use and Reuse Wave-Core to Streamline Procurement and Boost Your Bottom Line

DATE: 09.20.2023

6 Ways to Use and Reuse Wave-Core to Streamline Procurement and Boost Your Bottom Line

Culling your list of suppliers and service providers to a select few can be an effective strategy to make your enterprise more productive and profitable. By streamlining procurement, you’ll free up additional resources for value-added activities, reduce wasted time and materials and move the needle on margins.

The concept of consolidating vendors appears simple enough. But finding opportunities is easier said than done.

The good news is if you’re already working with Liberty Plastics, a versatile solution awaits — one that both enhances your operation and streamlines procurement.

Our material, Wave-Core, is not only made of lightweight, ultra rugged HDPE, but it’s also tremendously versatile, with a multitude of applications, including packaging, storage, outdoor weather protection and signage. In many cases, Wave-Core offers a reusable replacement for disposable materials like corrugated cardboard to achieve long-term savings on downtime, procurement and disposal.

With Wave-Core’s durable, lightweight properties and our ability to customize and fabricate it to meet your exact requirements, you can start realizing the benefits of consolidation immediately, including:

  • Cost savings in procurement and shipping
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • A stronger, more strategic supplier relationship
  • Improved quality control
  • Less waste

How can you expand your use of Wave-Core as a durable solution you can reuse? Here are some of our top applications that can help you streamline your operation.


1. Rugged bins for material handling and closed-loop systems

Custom bins used in closed-loop systems keep workflows organized while transporting materials, goods and finished products down the line. To minimize downtime and waste, this job demands a material that stands up to the rigors of manufacturing and machine interface — no cracking, breaking or disintegrating under moisture. This food manufacturer achieved just that by integrating Wave-Core bins in their closed-loop system, and effectively improved turns by an astounding 8,000%. Learn more about our solution to closed-loop systems.


2. Durable protective coverings for bulk and freight shipments

Our protective packaging made from Wave-Core creates an effective barrier against UV rays, dust and weather, and is also rugged enough to withstand rough handling during freight shipments. For machinery, raw materials or anything that won’t fit in a container, we create a wide range of solutions: rigid top sheets die-cut to size, notched sheets to protect corners, and rollable sheets that flex. With our durable shipping solutions, you’ll gain unmatched performance for freight shipments you can use and reuse. This building materials distributor reduced damage to lumber shipments by switching to our custom protective covering. Learn more about our solution.. Discover how this aerospace client reduced inventory losses and improved customer satisfaction with our protective reel cover for their roll-up film.


3. Cold chain technology packaging solutions

Wave-Core containers made with chemical- and moisture-resistant HDPE plastic are well suited for storing and transporting biochemical contents, including biological samples, pharmaceuticals, vials and other compounds. Its resistance to chemicals, moisture and long exposure to cold temperatures makes our material an optimal choice for this high-performance application.


4. Durable printing of outdoor signs

From informational signs to POP displays to outdoor lawn signs, Liberty Plastics has you covered. Wave-Core and HDPE corrugated plastic provides a surface that’s well-suited for screen printing and digital printing. A special pretreatment process locks in color, keeping your message intact after prolonged exposure to UV rays. The HDPE corrugated plastic provides a rugged medium that stays intact without cracking and breaking under extremely cold temperatures, wind and more, making it a cost-effective option over cardboard-based stock.


5. Product quality enhancement that resists moisture and flame

Since 1985, Liberty Plastics has been a trusted maker of weatherproof components that reinforce moisture protection in roofs, attics and walls. To further enhance its protective properties, Wave-Core can also be formulated with fire-retardant HDPE that meets UL 94 V-2 standards.


6. Sustainable, reusable replacement for corrugated cardboard

Using Wave-Core as a replacement for corrugated cardboard — in shipping, materials handling, storage — can save your operation in the long run. Wave-Core has the same lightweight properties as corrugated cardboard with its fluted core, but its superior resistance to impact and moisture offers a rugged material you can use and reuse for hundreds or even thousands of production cycles. In the long run, swapping Wave-Core for paper-based carboard reduces downtime as well as the costs of procurement, storage and disposal. With its long lifecycle and ease of recycling HDPE plastic, Wave-Core is, hands down, the more sustainable material over cardboard!


Let us design your solution!

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